English Rules and test for friend from other country

To be read obligatorily, and if you agree to answer it with "Read and Approved"
Règles du forum
This forum is for new drivers registered on the forum. After having made your presentation (mandatory), you will have to take into account the rules and answer them with "Read and approved". Without this answer you will not be able to participate in the races and forum
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Hi guys, and thanks for coming to Team GTR3

Thank you all for reading it, and putting into practice the recommendations for the smooth running of the races.

Thank you for reading and approving it in this topic by simply replying :
Read and approved

Any discussions outside this response message will be removed. Participation in any event organized by Team GTR3 implies acceptance of these rules.

RULES (From Caryl and thanks to him)

RuleBook TeamGTR3 V.3.0 du 01.06.2017

1 – General rules
1.1 – All drivers connected on the team server and on the track agreed to strictly fit to all the rules enonced in this rulebook. Those general rules can be applied at every time on events organised by the Team GTR3.
1.2 – Every driver registred on the start list must finish the race. In case of engine blow or any not moving car, the pilot must wait in the pit and not leave the server. This allows you to be listed in the finish timetables, and make the marshals and race director work more easier.
In case of several race server quits, penalties can be applied. This rule is made only to avoid missing pilots and the start and finish line.
1.3 – Fair-play is the more important general rule on track and in the forum. This rulebook has not a the objective to have more penalties, but to allowed every driver to have and live hard but fair, close but clean races and to improve the pleasure of racing for everyone, in a friendship spirit.
1.4 – All registred driver agreed to :
- Drive clean
- Race with friendship and respect with every other driver
- Enjoy the ride !
- Share race moments with others
- Enjoy new contacts and friends
Every disrespect behaviour on track , on the forum or any other TeamGTR3 official channel will be severely penalized.

2 – Track rules
2.1 – Pits
It’s strictly forbidden to :
- Break speed limit in the pits. PIT LIMITER ONLY
- Cross the pit exit lane (white color or any other color)
- Drive reverse or backwards in the pits
2.2 – Track limits :
Drivers agreed to apply the following track limits rules, considering that in some tracks, R3E allows to much overlimits that can give some time bonus.
- Drivers agreed with the R3E track limit system, and allows the marshals to penalize any abuse of the system that don’t fit with the rules bellow
- The track is the space between the 2 white lines.
- 2 wheels out MAXIMUM off those lines are allowed.
- Curbs are part of the track. It is allowed to have 2 wheels on curbs and 2 wheels out ONLY.
- Green areas (Astroturf) are not part of curbs.

2.3 – Behaviour on track :
It’s strictly forbidden to :
- Keep his car unactive on track (starting grid included)
- Drive reverse or backwards on the track

3 – Race rules
3.1 – chat systems :
Chat allowed during test sessions, but strictly forbidden during qualifying and race sessions. Only marshals can use chat system during race for warning or any needed informations.
3.2 – Off Track excursion :
In case of Off track excursion, the driver has to stop the car, and go again only if :
- the back to track point is clear
- the back to track trajectory is parallel to the race line
3.3 – Damage car :
The ride to pit with a damage car will be extremely cautious, OUT OF THE RACE LINE.
3.4 – flags :
- Drivers agreed with R3E flag system. All drivers must respect it, specially the blue flag.
- In case of blue flag, the lapped driver has to clear the raceline has much has possible. The driver who complete the pass has to secure his pass
- MultiClass events : on multiclass events, fastest cars have to deal with the slowest cars racelines. They are not allowed to force the pass on slowest cars. The slowest cars have to let fastest cars pass the easier way as possible.
- Crewchief App is recommended.

4 – Behaviour rules in battles and crashes :
5.1 – bangs and crashes
5.1.1 – contact between vehicules :
In case of crash following a contact between 2 cars, the responsible driver has to wait the victim and give the position back.
5.1.2 – Late brake :
The attacking driver is responsible of his attack from start to finish (when both front hull are at the same level)
5.1.3 – Small touches, Door to Door contact :
Those type of contacts are allowed, if they don’t create a crash, or be too agressiv ( to force a pass for example). In that case, go back to rule 5.1.1
5.1.4 – Lines changes :
Only one line change is allowed to defend his position.
5.1.5 – Close racing battles :
All drivers in battle have to leave enough space. Late line changes, late door closings are to be avoid. Every abuse will be looked closely by marshals.

5 – Marshals :
All marshals are nominated by the TeamGTR3.
They are drivers who accept that difficult task. They give their time for us to have clean races.
All drivers agreed to:
- accept the nominated marshal(s)
- accept their calls and penalties
- claim about race incidents in the 2 days following the event
- be calm! No insults, disrespects between drivers and marshals. Such behaviours can lead to race ban and/or forum ban and/or servers ban

And now a little test, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... g/viewform

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Read and approved ;-)

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